Our developments

Laser Doppler particle velocimeter

Velocity measurement of particles having 0.8-100 micron diameter in the 0-150 m/s range.

Robot platform with LIDAR technology

Autonomous robot platform for flatness measurements with built-in LIDAR based navigation.


Development of medical flow meter (spirometer) equipped with Bluetooth communication.

Flow sensor for ventilators

Custom design of 3D printed and calibrated flow meter sensors operating in the +/- 360 l/min. range.

Anemometer for boats

Wind speed meter designed for small sailboats.

Chiesi - Trimbow phase IV. clinical reearch

Spirocco has developed a wireless device for monitoring drug use in Chiesi Magyarország Ltd. phase IV clinical trials with the Trimbow product.

Ultrasonic flow sensor 

Bidirectional ultrasonic flow sensor with Bluetooth communication.

Flow waveform generator

Flow and pulmonologic waveform generator with microcontoptimized for the 0-1000 l/min. range generátor mikrokontrolleres vezérléssel, szervohajtással.

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