Clinical trials


Clinical trials



Chiesi - Trimbow phase IV. clinical research

Spirocco has developed a wireless device for monitoring drug use in Chiesi Magyarország Ltd. phase IV clinical trials with the Trimbow product.



Spirocco offers a complex solution for remote monitoring of research participants.

Our patient monitoring system integrates all the necessary tools for real-time monitoring of medication habits and physiological parameters of the people involved in the study. Our built-in questionnaires are intuitive and can automatically gather a lot of information essential for the research with relevant questions about the patient condition.

The Spirocco system allows you to perform tests more easily and efficiently

avoid frequent and inconvenient site visits can be avoided



the load of your professional partner can be decreased by reducing the number of face-to-face doctor-patient appointments


high-precision data can be obtained even with a lower patient collaboration (compared to manual data entry)


real-time incoming data allow the opportunity for quick intervention

The data are recorded in real-time on the Spirocco server and can be exported into any format. The collected information can also be accessed via our API and can directly be integrated into your own CRF (Case Report Form) system database. Our technology can be adapted to any inhalation medication. Our small-scale production methods allow fulfilling small volume ( a few 100 pieces) tailored needs with low investment cost.

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